Cookson Security & Side Folding Grilles

Get peace of mind with top-notch security grilles

Security Grills and Closures

Garage Door Store brings you uncompromised security and quality with rolling and side folding security grilles from Cookson. With a variety of designs to choose from, we’re sure to have the grille that best suits your establishment. With a wide variety of finishes and designs, we not only meet your security needs, we also match the quality aesthetics of your business.

Cookson rolling security grilles are made using solid aluminum rods and thick aluminum links. They use oil tempered torsion springs designed for lasting dependability and smooth operation. Side folding grilles offer an overhead support track system without the need for an additional floor track. When you need high visibility and absolute security, you can trust the quality the Garage Door Store provides.

Security Grilles

Sliding Grilles

These security grilles and side folding grilles are ideal for pharmacies, hospitals, storefronts, food courts, schools, and all sorts of commercial or industrial businesses. Contact us and we’ll help you find the product that works best with your needs and fits your budget requirements.