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Frequently Asked Questions

My kids are always playing basketball or tennis against the garage door. Does one style of door stand up to this abuse better than another?

Our "TS-2" Thermo-Steel doors feature 2" thick roll-formed, 26 gauge galvanized steel sections. They're solid as a rock! These high strength steel skins on both the interior and exterior are bonded to a polystyrene core to provide durability. These doors take on what your kids dish out.

Our new garage will be insulated. Should the garage door be insulated, too?

If your garage is insulated, we'd recommend you install an insulated garage door. Insulation provides both heat retention as well as a sound barrier to the outside.

And what if we heat our garage?

When you heat your garage, you definitely want to retain as much heat as possible. And the best door for minimizing heat loss is our ThermoGuard door . It's calculated R-Value of 18.0 is suited to the most demanding climates. Compare this with our insulated Raised Steel Panel whose R-Value is 7.0 (the higher the R-Value, the better the insulating value).

We don't heat our garage, and it isn't insulated. Are there any reasons to install an insulated door?

In this case, you can certainly choose a non-insulated door. By insulating your garage door, you could add strength to the door, provide a finished look on the interior of the garage and provide a better sound barrier.

Why would I want windows in my garage door?

Windows provide light to the interior of the garage and add "eye appeal" -- they look good!

My door has been damaged. Can individual door sections be replaced?

Yes! We can provide individual section replacement as well as springs, hinges and many other replacement parts.

We have a tuck-under garage, and it's under our bedroom. Is one garage door opener more quiet than another?

We have models that are unbelievably quiet, as well as models that fit in to tighter spaces.

Do you do your own installation or do you subcontract the work?

All installers are employed by the Garage Door Store -- it's what they do best.

I'm a "do-it-yourself" kind of person. Can I install my own garage door?

We'll provide you with everything you need -- door, hardware, opener, parts -- and instructions.