High Speed Commercial Garage Doors

Hormann Flexon High-Speed Commercial Garage Doors

You don't have to sacrifice quality for speed!

Garage Door Store helps open your business to the world with our line of top-quality high speed commercial garage doors by Hormann-Flexon. You don’t have to sacrifice quality and strength for speed when you can have it all! These high speed doors provide you with many years of worry-free performance and require very little maintenance, even in high use areas. They’re fast-moving and tight-sealing for use in all environments.

High speed commercial garage doors are used in all business environments including auto dealerships, maintenance garages, cold storage and freezer units, high traffic sanitary operations and parking garages. They remain at top performance levels even in the harshest weather and heaviest use areas. These doors help enhance workflow, lower energy costs, and ease safety and security concerns.

Choose from a variety of style options to get the door that is ideal for your commercial or industrial establishment. We have rubber, metal, or fabric high speed garage doors including cold storage insulated designs, heavy-duty pressure resistant doors, and many other styles designed to suit all different types of work environments. Whether you need a high speed garage door for indoor or outdoor applications, or both, we have you covered.

Garage Door Store can help you find the door that works best for your establishment. Tell us about your business and we’ll help you choose the garage door that’s designed as if it was made just for you. For more information on our high speed garage doors or any of our commercial doors, contact us today. Let us help you get your business back up and running quickly and efficiently.