SueMax High Speed Commercial Garage Door Openers

SueMax High Speed Commercial garage door openers are changing the way we open our doors. Conventional garage door openers on overhead sectional doors operate at a speed of 6-9” per second.

If you have a 14’ high commercial garage door it will take almost 20 seconds to reach full open. A door operated by a SueMax opener can open in about 7 seconds. That translates in to money saved.

The less time your door is in motion the more time it is protecting your building from the elements. If your employee is waiting for the door to fully open their productivity suffers. If they get impatient and proceed before door is fully open the bottom of the door is often hit. Save money and down time by getting the door open and out of the way quickly and safely with the SueMax opener. The door will move at a rate that dramatically decreases the likelihood of damage while in operation.

The SueMax opener is exceptionally smart too.

The speed is adjustable so if you want the door to open quickly for efficiency but close slowly for added safety that is no problem with the SueMax.

The SueMax will remember a point that may have encountered an obstruction during the previous cycle. Upon reaching that point of travel the opener will “remember” the incident and slow the door down just to be sure the coast is clear now.

SueMax accepts all controls from:

  • Existing Remotes
  • Loop detectors and motion sensors
  • Anything that can be added to a standard commercial operator

Available as a center mount trolley or a side mount jackshaft – the SueMax can be installed on most any sectional door, call us today for more information on this truly unique product.

Featuring SueMax.

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