Garage Door Screens

Garage Door Screens

Are you looking for ventilation and pest control while maintaining security in your warehouse? Or, are you looking for additional bug free out-door living space without the expense of an addition to your home? Then, we have the answer for you.

Here at Garage Door Store, we offer three different choices to meet your needs.

For your commercial warehouse, The Bug Blocker overhead screen door by Rasco is a good option. This system is a self balancing, solid framed screen door that works in conjunction with your existing dock doors. This screen door will provide additional ventilation to your warehouse while keeping flying insects and casual foot traffic from entering your business.

For your residence, we offer two options to turn your garage or covered patio into a screen porch. The Lifestyle one piece tip-up screen works independent of your existing over head door but is lightweight and easy to operate. You can turn your garage into a comfortable, pest free screen porch/living area or back into a functioning garage in just seconds.

The other option is the Fly Away door by DuraScreen. This is a fully automated, motorized retractable screen. This system is more streamlined or elegant and less obtrusive. It can be designed to blend in with the existing structure so you may not even know it is there.

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