Cookson FDO-RM Closing Systems

The economic, efficient choice for fire door closing options


Garage Door Store has the full lineup of Cookson FDO-RM Closing Systems. They are a compatible and economic choice for fire-rated doors. Choose Cookson for garage door openers that work without releasing spring tension or disengaging the operator drive mechanism. These doors are ideal for when system resets are undesirable or impractical. Garage Door Store has the fire rated doors and closing systems you need. We also provide annual Fire Door Drop Testing, Inspection, and Certification for your convenience.

Recommended applications:

  • Applications where mechanical testing of system resets are impractical
  • Fire doors in pedestrian thoroughfares
  • Fire-rated units in recessed applications
  • Areas prone to frequent power outages

FDO-RM operating systems activate automatically when the fire alarm goes off, local detectors are tripped or there is a power outage. They do not require connection to a separate interface to work properly. Fire-rated doors do not exceed a drop of 12" per second using the FDO-RM, making them a safe bet for your application.

Cookson FDO-RM garage door openers:

  • FDO-RM Motor Operated Systems - Bracket Mounted
  • FDO-RM Tube Motor Operated Systems
    • for counter fire doors with or without integral frame and sill
  • FDO-RM Manual Chain or Crank Operated Systems

For more information on the FDO-RM or the full line of compatible release devices and safety accessories, contact Garage Door Store today! Our sales team will help you choose the option that best suits your unique application and our installation team will have you powered up and ready to go in no time.

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