Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Secure peace of mind when it comes to the safety and security of your garage door

Safety and security are a top priority for both homeowners and business owners alike. When it comes to ensuring your garage door is providing high performance operation, you can trust the Preventative Maintenance Contracts by Garage Door Store will bring you the peace of mind you want.

Benefits of signing up for a Preventative Maintenance Contract

  • Commercial and residential maintenance contracts
  • Monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual plans
  • 10% discount on suggested replacement hardware
  • Negotiated discount rate
  • Professional service technicians and quick service

Garage doors are used almost daily in the standard household and for many commercial applications, several times a day. Tracks, opening systems, and other hardware can wear out over time, creating an impending safety hazard. However, with a periodic maintenance plan, you can rest assured that your garage door is monitored on a regular basis.

Sign up for our preventative maintenance program on a/an monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual plan. Our service team will inspect your garage door for cable frays and/or hinges that may be broken or loose. They will also document spring cycles if a counter was installed on your garage door. Parts are only replaced with your prior approval and we will never make suggestions for things you don’t need. As part of our preventive maintenance plan, you receive a 10% discount on any parts replaced after an inspection.

Contact Garage Door Store to find out more regarding our periodic garage door maintenance contracts. We’ll help you find the plan that works best based on your specific needs. In need of a new garage door altogether? Check out our full line of garage doors for both commercial and residential applications.

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